Printing Technologies

Industrial FDM

Stratasys® Fortus® machines running internally extruded materials allow us to cost effectively produce professional, large, industrial FDM models.


High resolution parts with fine details can simulate the look, feel, and functionality of common injection molded plastics.


Fast, cost-effective, and high-resolution, SLS is an ideal solution for batch production.

Industrial FDM Materials


Tensile Strength

Elongation at Failure (%)

Heat Deflection (@ 0.45 MPA)

Impact Strength (notched IZOD)

ABS 31 MPa 7 96 °C 128 J/m
PC-ABS 41 MPa 6 110 °C 196 J/m
PC 40 MPa 4.8 138 °C 73 J/m
Ultem 9085 (PEI) 47 MPa 5.8 53 °C 120 J/m
ABS-ESD7 36 MPa 3 96 °C 28 J/m


Cost-Effective For Large Parts

ABS is ideal for functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures, manufacturing tools, and production parts. Using our own internally-manufactured ABS, we are able to produce professional, large, industrial FDM models more cost effectively than anyone we know. Choose ABS for massive parts. If the parts are too large for the machine, we can split and rejoin them for you using techniques that we have been mastering for nearly a decade.


The Best of Both Worlds

A high-impact engineering thermoplastic ideal for functional prototyping, tooling and low-volume manufacturing. Get the best of two FDM materials, the strength and heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS. PC-ABS also delivers excellent feature definition and surface finish.

Polycarbonate (PC)

Rapid Tooling, Built To Endure

PC offers accuracy, durability and stability, producing strong parts stronger than ABS. which can withstand the rigors of functional testing. PC enables engineers and designers to combine the speed and agility of 3D printing with the reliability of the most widely used industrial thermoplastic.

ULTEM 9085 (PEI)

Most Durable & Resistant

​ULTEM 9085 resin material lets manufacturers create functional prototypes and production parts for high-strength, FST-rated and certified applications.

ABS-ESD7 Static-Dissipative

ABS-ESD7 offers the benefits of ABS while also protecting sensitive electrical components by preventing the buildup of static electricity for end-use components, electronic products, industrial equipment, as well as jigs and fixtures for assembly of electrical components.

SLA Materials


Tensile Strength

Elongation at Failure (%)

Heat Deflection (@ 0.45 MPA)

Impact Strength (notched IZOD)

Standard 65 MPa 6.2 73.1 °C 25 J/m
GreyPro 61 MPa 13 77.5 °C 18.7 J/m
Rigid 75 MPa 5.6 88 °C 18.8 J/m
Flexible 7.7-8.5 MPa 75-85 N/A N/A
Tough 55.7 MPa 24 48.5 °C 38 J/m
Durable 31.8 MPa 49 43.3 °C 109 J/m
High Temp 51.1 MPa 2 289 °C 14 J/m

Standard Resin

3D print strong, precise, concept models and prototypes that bring your ideas to life with our general purpose resin. Available colors include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Clear
  • Custom (contact us to mix a custom color)


GreyPro’s high precision, moderate elongation, and resistance to deformation over time make it a versatile material suitable for a wide range of engineering applications.

  • Form and fit testing
  • Injection molded product prototypes
  • Mold masters for plastics, silicones, and more
  • Jigs and fixtures for manufacturing


​Rigid is reinforced with glass to offer very high stiffness and a polished finish. This material is highly resistant to deformation over time and is great for printing thin walls and features, and is ideal for the following applications:

  • Turbines and fan blades
  • Jigs, fixtures, and tooling
  • Manifolds
  • Electrical casings and automotive housings

Flexible (Rubber-Like)

Flexible is excellent for simulating soft-touch materials and adding ergonomic features to multi-material assemblies, and is ideal for the following applications:

  • Handles, grips, and over-molds
  • Cushioning and dampening
  • Wearables prototyping
  • Packaging
  • Stamps


​Tough resin’s high impact strength and compliance make it perfect for parts that need to return to their original shape after force is applied over a brief period, making it ideal for the following applications:

  • Sturdy prototypes
  • Interference and press fits
  • Assemblies

Durable (Polypropylene-Like)

With low modulus, high elongation, and high impact strength, Durable Resin produces parts with a smooth, glossy finish and high resistance to deformation. ​

  • Consumer packaging
  • Bushings and bearings
  • Snap fits and flexures
  • Living hinges

SLS Materials


Tensile Strength

Elongation at Failure (%)

Heat Deflection (@ 0.45 MPA)

Impact Strength (notched IZOD)

PA 12 (Nylon) 46 MPa 20 175 °C 59.1 J/m

PA 12 (Nylon)

Moderately flexible with excellent mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties, PA 12 is a highly adaptable material suited to both end-use and pre-production applications, and is especially suitable for small parts.